Struggling to Understand Your Cat’s Behavior? Here’s What You Need to Know


You probably can’t exactly tell what your cat is thinking at all times; and that’s okay. After all, cats are adorable but strange creatures, with many habits that leave us humans confused. However, what you can do is get to know the meaning behind their typical behaviors. That way, you will at least get an idea of how your feline companion is feeling, and whether they’re comfortable or not.

In light of that, here’s an extensive list of common and not so common behaviors, and what your cat is attempting to communicate with each one:


Purring is the vibrating sound that cats make with their throats. Even two-day-old kittens can purr, and they display this behavior throughout their whole lives. Unfortunately, scientists still don’t fully understand the mechanism behind purring, especially considering that cats don’t have any special anatomical features that allow them to do so.

Typically, a cat will purr when it is feeling happy, friendly, and thankful. However, purring could also help it calm down when it’s stressed or ill. For instance, cats giving birth have a tendency to purr to soothe the pain. Still, in most cases, a purring kitty is a happy kitty.