Simple Ways to Save on Travel as a Senior


Sure you’ve been working hard all throughout your youth, and now as a senior it only makes sense for you to get away from it all. People in their senior ages are often eager to start traveling and seeing the world.

Unfortunately, despite the savings here and there, it might be challenging to go on all the trips you’d love to because they might be expensive. However, there are a few things you can observe to ensure that you save on travel to a given destination and visit as many places as possible.


1. Use programs that offer senior discounts

While growing older is not one of those things considered interesting, it does come with several benefits in certain countries. Among these benefits includes enjoying government sponsored programs or even private ones that give discounts to senior travelers. Through them, you get discounts on plane tickets, accommodation and any other expenses that come with traveling.

2. Be flexible on dates

The biggest advantage seniors have when it comes to travel is time. As a senior, you have a more flexible schedule whether you’re already retired or even working on your business. As such, it’s worth being flexible with your dates. So, to save on your travels, make it a point to book your trips for off peak seasons.  Everything costs less during such times from flights, to accommodation and even the entrance fee for certain attractions. Even better, since less people travel during such times, there will be less congestion. With this, you get to enjoy your vacation even more.


3. Take connecting flights

While direct flights are convenient and will have you at your travel destination sooner, you can save more by booking connecting flights. While this means you’ll probably take longer to get to your destination, you’ll have more for your next vacation or more to add so that you enjoy more at your destination.

Better yet, how about you ask for a free stopover? Some airlines will gladly offer a day or two extra days in the city where you’re supposed to get your connecting flight. You can look at it as an extended vacation.

4. Use an Air BnB

While hotel rooms can be fabulous considering you have the food prepared for you and they could arrange certain things such as airport pickups and some activities for you, it’s better to do more by yourself. Get an air bnb instead as they are cheaper. Buy your food from the local markets and supermarkets at your destination then prepare it by yourself.  It will be more fun, you get to add a touch of the things you like to the food and you will also get to save money.  You can also organize activities by yourself. This ensures you get the best deals as you can ask for discounts directly from the service providers. You will also get to see more places by doing this.

So get smarter with your money through these simple four activities. They will have you enjoy more and you’ll be able to visit even more places you’ve always dreamt of.