Manager opens McDonald’s trash can after man dumps bag


It Seemed Like A Normal Day

It appeared to be a typical day. Delonda Walker, the manager at McDonald’s, had gotten up, taken the subway, and arrived at her workplace in Ybor City. It was a good job. She had other dreams and aspirations, and it was sometimes tedious, but it paid the bills.

In this particular circumstance, she was not expecting to encounter one of Florida’s most notorious criminals.

She Took Her Routine For Granted

We can sometimes take routine for granted. We expect our jobs to be the same every day, to see and talk to the same people; once we become accustomed to something, we expect it to last. However, this is not always the case.

Most people would prefer blissfully ignorant of the most brutal, wild, and eerie aspects of the world, which occasionally disrupt their routines. That is exactly what happened in this story.