His Caregivers Uncover The Reason For His Strange Behavior


Here’s Bobo, the Gorilla

Bobo, one of the gorillas in Mefou Primate Sanctuary, is an African male primate. His sanctuary is in Cameroon. Bobo became an orphan at age two. Poachers killed his mother leaving him all alone. He was deeply hurt by the incident and became unfriendly in his first months when he was brought to the sanctuary.

However, Bobo is now a grown adult ape who has risen to be the dominant ape in the bunch. He was now the type of ape that should scare poachers.

Not given to anger

But this huge gorilla who weighed about 350 pounds was different from his mates. He was a sweet ape, unaggressive and not burdensome to his caregivers.

As time went by, Bobo earned the respect of other apes and also became the leader. He did this by having a big fight with the then alpha male. Now he won’t relinquish his position without fighting for it. This is the way it works in the animal world.