Fascinating Vintage Photos Offer A Glimpse Into A Different Time


Lady with Knitted Top – 1960s

Source: blogspot.com

The fascinating thing about this photo is the knitted top on this lady and how it seems to be somewhat futuristic. The tie and collar designs are pretty nice but it’s the knitting style that is truly magnificent because it looks like an 8-bit video and those did not come till the 1980s. Apart from the beautiful contrast of the orange and black colours, the lady’s mascara really catches the eye.

Getting Some Shade – France, 1955

Source: reddit.com

Can you remember this song done by Roy Ayers – Everybody loves the sunshine? We think the title needs some adjustment and that “99% of people love the Sunshine” would be better. It’s obvious that some persons do not. Although the French woman in the photo was content to catch some sun out in the open in 1955, she chose to do so from underneath a yellow umbrella with a glass of lemonade. At least, her skin would not be hit by the harsh sun. We like the appeal of the splashes of yellow in the photo with the lemonade, the shade and the lady’s blonde hair.