6 Proven Ways to Look and Feel Younger and How They Work


For centuries, people have tried to prevent age from leaving its deep marks on our faces, cheeks, and necks to no avail. Apparently, the secret to looking and feeling younger isn’t in an operating room or on your social media feed; here are 6 science-backed ways to keep your skin firmer and your smile brighter.

1. Thinking Young


It sounds cliché, right? Think young, feel young, but the honest-to-gosh truth is that maintaining a positive mindset and increasing mindfulness can actually make you feel younger.

So, how do you think young? It’s a lot easier said than done, but everyone can do it. First, you need to learn that not everything requires a reaction. Cut all ties with the negative folks in your life. Don’t take the stresses of work with you when you go home. Finally and most importantly, be mindful that you’re not the only person in the world with their own personal struggles.

2. Eating Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables supply our bodies with a wide assortment of vitamins and nutrients to fuel our bodies, keep our wits sharp, ward off all sorts of conditions like Alzheimer’s and kidney disease.

Exercise your creativity to consume more fruits and leafy greens! If you can’t stomach them in a salad, a handful of greens mixed with your morning blueberry or raspberry smoothie will provide all of the nutrients in a sweet, easy-to-digest delivery system. Just stay away from heavy creams and sugar-laden yogurts. 

3. Staying Physically Active

One secret that residents of Blue Zones swear by is staying physically active keeps them feeling young. If you’re unaware, Blue Zones are certain places on the planet that have the highest number of centenarians or people aged 100 years and up. If they’re doing something, you can bet that they’re doing it right.

Physical activity doesn’t need to involve jogging for 10 kilometers daily or lifting tons of weights. Simply walking around your neighborhood for 30 minutes every morning, tending to your backyard garden, and semi-intensive badminton will do your body and mind wonders.

4. Focusing on Reps


If you don’t lift, don’t worry. Sticking to a regular exercise program and doing different muscle-building exercises in reps will help in loosening your joints and keeping you on your toes. Start off with simple exercises like squatting or pushups, but do them in reps of three to five. As your muscles grow, so should the number of reps you perform.

The secret is gradually increasing the challenge of your light exercises over time. If you find another easy-to-do exercise, add it to your daily routine and feel the awesome benefits of bigger muscles and firmer skin.

5. Drinking Water

You’ve heard your parents, teachers, doctor, husband/wife/partner/anyone within a five-mile radius of you say that you need to drink water, and they’re not lying. Seeing as how our bodies are close to 75 percent water and that our organs use up more water as we age, you should see how seriously our bodies rely on good ol’ H2O.

If your joints hurt, it may be due to a lack of water and lubrication. If your throat and inside of your nose feel dry, drinking plenty of water can help. And water might also be a key ingredient in cancer prevention!

6. Taking Medication

A drug called Metformin has been used for the last several decades to treat diabetes patients, but it might actually house the secrets to a longer, fuller life.

Metformin is no miracle drug, but it has helped up to 50 percent of diabetes patients stay away from cancerous growths. Another study involving 180,000 diabetes patients lived longer when taking the drug.

We are still lightyears away from developing an anti-ageing drug, but the horizon is looking brighter by the day!