6 Help Tips to Fight Signs of Age like Osteoporosis, Weight Gain, and More!


As we age, the list of health concerns grows ever longer. But growing old is nothing to be ashamed about—we’re sure our lovely readers of 50 years old have some pretty fascinating stories to share. However, if you want to look as old as you feel, there are a couple of simple lifestyle tweaks you can implement to achieve your desired results. Here are 6 tips supported by science on how to become wiser without looking the part.

1. Increase Iron Intake to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair is one of the first things to go when we reach a certain age, but there’s a simple fix to keep your hair luscious and full-bodied—iron! Based on a WHO report, iron deficiency is a lot more common than we realize. Iron deficiency has been linked with hair loss and quite possibly genetic baldness.

You can fill any iron gaps in your diet by incorporating more seafood and red meat into your diet. A more vegan-friendly option would be to eat more dark, leafy greens and iron-fortified cereals. Iron supplements can also help.

2. Tighten Your Skin with Collagen


Crow feet and jowls are clear signs that your ageing body might not be producing enough collagen—a naturally produced protein that increases hydration and elasticity in skin. After hitting your 30th birthday, collagen production decreases by up to two percent annually.

However, all is not lost! Collagen supplements might help remove wrinkles and joint paint, as well as increase bone density. Some women even claim that collagen supplements help keep their weight down!

3. Get Rid of Inflammation to Drop Weight

Toss the sugary snacks and processed meats into the garbage now. These foods and a wide range of other unhealthy ingredients can contribute to inflammation. Inflammation can cause swelling and pools of fluid to collect around the joints, limiting mobility and weight-loss potential.

Staying away from unhealthy, trans fat-laden foods will make you more nimble, able to exercise more and longer, and possibly burn fat in your belly and cheeks.

4. Increase Vitamin D and Calcium Intake

Both calcium and vitamin D can enhance bone structure and density. Vitamin D is readily available in eggs, fish, meats, and legumes. As for calcium, if you’re lactose intolerant as most people are at around 20 years of age, all-natural plant-based kinds of milk fortified with calcium are great alternatives. You will need to take vitamin D for your bones to absorb calcium but not the other way around.

5. Stay Active to Build Muscle

As we grow older, our muscles become less pronounced. This is an unavoidable condition known as sarcopenia. But by staying active, we can counterbalance the effects of sarcopenia and maintain normal mobility and flexibility. You don’t need to lift hundreds of pounds of iron to stay fit; a 30-minute walk around your neighborhood in the morning and afternoon can keep your calves toned and your heart strong.

6. Eat Omega-3s to Boost Brain Function


Feeding your brain omega-3s is a great way to ward off cognitive disorders. You can find this healthy fatty acid in seafood (especially wild salmon and sardines), natural plant oils (canola and soybean), and nuts (walnuts and almonds). Additionally, solving jigsaws and playing mind-training games can also help improve brain function.