41 Eye-Catching Hairstyles for 50+ Women


In the continuous search for the perfect hairstyle, women often make mistakes. When you turn 50, you will not suit the hairstyle from 20 years out of date. Yes, your incredibly attractive haircut in the youth can be a huge failure in adulthood. Age changes not only the body and face, but also the hair. It should not surprise you that the hair structure, growth rate and color are changing. You have to be ready for a radical change of style. Hairstyles for mature women can be different: comfortable, versatile, easy to style. The most important thing is the fact that the hairstyle should be combined with your hair and emphasize your unique beauty.

Look at the hairstyles of famous women. They will suit almost any type of hair. In search of your new image, be inspired by the images of Viola Davis, Angela Bassett, Julia Roberts, Marisa Tomei, Lucy Liu and others. We are sure that you will definitely find something for yourself and will look 10-20 years younger. Enjoy!

Alfre Woodard

Source: instyle.com

Don’t shy away from volume. Give it a try like Alfre Woodard. For more volume, ensure you pull your hair Don’t give up on a voluminous hairstyle like Alfre Woodard’s! If you want to achieve volume, do not dry your hair by pulling it with a brushing brush from the roots to the tips. It is better to lower your head down and direct the air flow from the hair dryer to the hair roots. This will lift them, making the dried hair more lush and fluffy.

Marisa Tomei

Source: variety.com

If you are looking for a simple and casual look that is relevant at any age, feast your eyes on the hairstyle of Marisa Tomei. Make a shoulder-length hair with the parting in the center. To complete the image, hide the strands of hair behind the ears. The power is in simplicity!