4 Amazing Reasons To Go On Retreat


Every time you go away on vacation, you come back feeling even more rejuvenated and excited to get back to your daily life. This is because you got to take some time away from everything to practice some self care and indulge in activities that you’ve always wanted to participate in. A retreat on the other hand is an even better idea particularly for seniors. Here’s why:

Source: https://www.healthista.com

1. You learn to eat clean

Retreats are set in environments that are focused on healthy living in every sense of the word. As such, you are assured you’ll get to eat the right foods for you while there. The teachers at retreats help you understand different cuisines that you could incorporate into your diet even after the retreat. They make sure these cuisines are both palatable and healthy. They also emphasize on clean eating habits by giving you lessons on them so that when you get back home, you can continue eating the right foods in the right way.

2. Retreats allow you to reconnect with yourself

If you’ve been longing for some alone time then going on yoga, meditation or spiritual retreats would be perfect for you.  Such retreats allow you to disconnect from the world and bond with your own strengths and even weaknesses. This time alone enables you to shift your focus from any worries or family responsibilities. They’re not a way for you to run away from the responsibilities, rather a way for you to learn how to handle them in a more peaceful and sane way when you get back to your day-to-day activities. It takes finding your real self for you to handle everything else around you better and well, it’s never too late to discover who you really are.

3. They’re great for bonding with loved ones

A solo retreat is great because you get some time off for yourself. However, going on a retreat with a friend, a partner or a family member gives you the opportunity to reconnect with them. This is amazing considering the fact that in the world we live in, we rarely get to spend as much time as we would love to with the people closest to us. A retreat allows you to bond with them in ways that you never thought were even possible and will allow your relationship to get even stronger.

Source: https://www.psychologies.co.uk

4. You learn more about culture

The best thing about retreats is that you can find some that are set in your native place. This means that while you’re there, you get to learn more about your origin, your history, and also what makes you and your people unique. However, if you’ve always wanted to learn more about other different cultures, you can still do so by booking retreats at the destinations that are known for that culture. Find out more about their religion, conquests and everything else that makes them unique. You’ll even meet new people you can learn more from. Remember, you’re never too old to learn new things.

So if you’re looking to regain some mental clarity and make yourself stronger and more excited about moving on with your life, it’s worth planning and going on a retreat.